Cockroach Catcher

  • Open the packing split the component into three parts.
  • Put some food in the middle groove. Such as biscuits, potato chips, incense oil etc.
  • Assemble the three parts into a whole and check the sealing.
  • Place in somewhere the cockroach often appears.
  • After the cockroaches smell the fragrance and in succession to drill, they will be trapped within the upper groove, trap finish.
  • Size 14x 14 x 8 cm

1,050.00 2,250.00

Cockroach Catcher Price in Pakistan at Shoptora.pk

Cockroach catcher is the most efficient trap. It is a pentagon shape, 3 tiers and 5 entrances design, once the roaches entered, there is no way to escape. Made of high quality PP plastic, It is reusable. Just open the clear cover, put some food or other bait in the center, then cover it and put the box in cockroach infested area. The cockroach catcher in Pakistan will be attracted by the smell and they will be trapped in the box since the baffle can’t be opened from inside. The clear visible cover makes you can feel free to check the status in box but no need to open it. If successfully catch some cockroaches, you can kill them in box with hot water, or expose the box to strong sunshine, make them dry to dead.

This product is the latest research on cockroach trap, with the environmental characteristics of no electricity no chemical, overcoming the carelessness of spray chemical pollution on fruits and vegetables and household environment. It can capture cockroaches quickly, safely and healthy, good and inexpensive magical effect. It is a must-have item for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, shops and homes Trapping principle: This product without any chemical or other factors, only trap by food to lure cockroaches. When a cockroach enter into the trap, the one-way metal doors would automatically shut off, then the cockroaches will be closed inside the trap.

Processing cockroaches.

Using water soak (20 minutes, make the cockroach drowned)

Environmental protection methods. Exposure under sun. Because of the cockroaches like dark environment, put the cockroach catcher in the sun for half an hour might kill cockroaches.


If the Catcher Trap caught one or two cockroaches, you don’t rush to deal with it, because the cockroaches like to live together, a signal will trap more cockroaches.

Cockroach magic house can’t put somewhere the ants often appear, because the cockroaches afraid ants.

Before the cockroach death, please don’t separate cover and the seat, to prevent cockroaches escape.

The cockroaches will not eat up to ten days after they filled up, so always change trap food type and place different places, then the cockroaches will exterminated some day.

Remove the upper and middle floor when cleaning up, soak in the water for 10 minutes, cockroaches will completely die. Then wash and clean the trap and repeat use. (do not use detergent to clean)

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