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Best Tummy Trimmer price in Pakistan -shoptora.pk

Tummy Trimmer

Tummy Trimmer yellow Double Spring Resistance Tube Body Waist wellness Machine with Clip holder Exerciser in Pakistan.

  • Strong Resistance, Steel Coil Spring
  • Contoured Feet Pedals
  • Easy Grip Handles
  • Compact and Portable Design
  • For Both Men and Women

1,050.00 1,650.00

Tummy Trimmer in Pakistan at Best Price at Shoptora.pk

This Tummy Trimmer trims and tones your tummy like you have always wanted. You can row away unwanted inches in just minutes each day and have a lot more fun. It also improves blood flow to body parts and gives you a healthy skin tone and gives you a good physique and a slimmer body. By pulling the spring tube, it also strengthens your arms, legs, hips, chest and thighs. Your whole body would receive due workout and perspire more to burn fats and calories faster.

tummy trimmer

The tummy trimmer is a simple and portable workout useful resource (device) that brings to your comfort, the solution to weight problems and unfit fitness, without biting into your agenda. It’s comfortably compact length means it may healthy in any bag or short case and may be accomplished anywhere you locate time and fact be informed that’s a pretty simple way to live match the time savvy way even in case you are a hectic expert.
Built with the concept of minimalist application, the tummy trimmer exercises are not handiest thorough, but quite simple and smooth to behavior on a daily foundation. All you need to do is find a flat vicinity massive enough to accommodate your mendacity role and comply with this manual to begin seeing tummy trimmer benefits.

  • Start by inserting your feet in the respective contoured foot pedals.
  • Reach over and firmly hold the handle grips and straighten up with both your hands and feet in their respective handles and pedals.
  • The third step requires keeping your legs stretched out straight and pulling the handle bars up to your chest and then relaxing the grip and repeating this process for about 20-30 minutes a day for quick and effective results.
  • After 3-5 days, now start leaning your body over towards your feet to tone your abdominal muscles (the tummy) in a rhythmic lean over, lean back position for 20-30 minutes every-day and continue this until results are prominent.

Tummy Trimmer in Pakistan is made of a strong resistance steel coil spring pull up bar with contoured foot pedals. It is portable, lightweight and can be used anywhere anytime. Four easy to do exercises can be done as shown on through illustrations on the box.

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